Ingredient Story

Indigo Flame Scent Note [ Perfumer: Ilias Ermenidis ]

Photo of Oud


Oud oil, also known as Agarwood, Aloeswood or Eagleswood, is an extremely rare and precious oil originating from North Eastern India and parts of South East Asia. Oud has a very long history of use as a medicine, incense and as an aromatic oil. The resinous material is produced by the heartwood of the Aquillaria tree, and imparts a dark, woody and smoky aroma.

Photo of Ambrox


Ambrox is a musky, ambery aromatic material with a creamy, woody facet. Ambrox is based on Amber but brighter. It is extremely tenacious, lending a velvety long-lastingness to fragrances. Ambrox was first introduced as a substitute for the rich aroma of rate Ambergris. Its fragrance is less salty, and offers a modern radiance.

Photo of Patchouli


Deriving its name from the Tamil language, Patchouli means “green leaf”. A robust and extremely fragrant plant, Patchouli’s scent has been a staple in perfumery for centuries. Due to its insect-repellant properties, silk and cashmere traders folded Patchouli leaves inside their merchandise. The hearty fragrance became embedded in the fabrics, creating an air of allure and exoticism that delighted the recipients of the goods. Patchouli’s distinctive aroma is earthy and sensual. Its evocative scent adds mystery and sensuality.