Ingredient Story

Black Smoke [ Perfumer: Pierre Negrin ]

Photo of Sandalwood


Sandalwood is a scarce, valuable wood originating in India. Once used for building Hindu temples, its diffusive, attractive aroma provides exceptional trail. Sandalwood, regarded as a symbol of vitality, has solidified itself as one of perfumery’s most expensive raw materials. Known for is distinctively creamy fragrance, Sandalwood is said to awaken sensuality and align the body’s chakras.

Photo of Vetiver


Vetiver is a grass that is native to India but is also grown in Haiti, Indonesia and China. The oil is extracted from its roots and has a distinctive damp, woody scent reminiscent of pencil shavings and wet earth. Known as the “Oil of Tranquility” in India, Vetiver has been used for its soothing and healing properties since the 12th century. The ingredient is so well celebrated that is was, and still is, used as an offering to gods and idols during India rituals.

Photo of Ambergris


Ambergris was one of the most rare and expensive raw materials used in perfumery. It has long been a favorite perfume ingredient, though its source was a mystery for many years. The gray, waxy stone-like pebbles were found washed up on beaches, but it is now known that ambergris is a calculus produced by the Sperm Whale. Today, Ambrox and Ambranum are used as an alternative to Ambergris, mimicking its delicate, sweet, somewhat woody and extremely persistent fragrance.