Ingredient Story

Silver Thread Scent Note [ Perfumer: Pierre Negrin ]

Photo of Neroli


Though the used of Neroli Oil dates back to ancient times, its use as a perfumery ingredient did not become widespread until the 17th century when the Italian princess, Anne-Marie of Nerola, used the oil to perfume her gloves and baths. Neroli Oil is the product of the steam-distillation of the flowers from the Bitter Orange Tree. Its fragrance is greener and spicier than Orange Flower Oil, which shares the same origin.

Photo of Atlas Cedarwood

Atlas Cedarwood

Atlas Cedarwood is a large, aromatic tree that has been celebrated for millennia. It has been used medicinally, cosmetically and is considered to be one of the earliest incensed materials. The oil obtained from Cedarwood is one of the oldest ingredients used in perfumery. Cedarwood, has a distinctive woody, spicy-resinous scent.

Photo of Mate Absolute

Mate Absolute

Native to South America, Mate is also called Yerba Mate. The leaves of the Mate plant are harvested and steeped to be used for tea. Mate is believed to have healing properties, reducing stress and insomnia. The belief dates back to the Guarani Indians, who chewed Mate leaves to help during long travels or strenuous work. The fragrance profile is described as green herbaceous and tea-like