Ingredient Story

White Light Scent Note [ Perfumer: Richard Herpin ]

Photo of Vanilla


Vanilla is an old spice grown by the Ancient Mexicans and thought to be a gift from the gods. The Vanilla Pod grows from the Orchid plant and is used in both fragrance and flavor. Aztecs used it to flavor chocolate and taught the practice to the Spanish conquistadors who carried it with them to Europe in the 15th century. The allure of Vanilla quickly spread, leading to its cultivation as far as Madagascar. The warm, sweet and comforting aroma of Vanilla is one of the most well-known in the world.

Photo of Amber


An ancient fossil resin, Amber has also been named “captured sunshine”. It is loved for its warmth, uniqueness, and beauty and believed to bring good health to those who possess it. Amber smells sweetly of warm vanilla and labdanum, possessing a jeweled, golden hue. The resin has been prized since Neolithic times, where it was found either washed ashore or crystalized around the trees from which it is produced.

Photo of Copaiba


Copaiba is an oil extracted from the trunk of a wild tree that grows in the Amazon Rainforest. It has been used medically since the 16th Century across various parts of Brazil. The smooth, creamy, and woody fragrance has also been used as a source of aromatherapy, promoting feelings of inner peace and tranquility.